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Q: How many people attend IEMDC?
A: IEMDC draws an attendance of 400+ engineering professionals in a mix of industry and academia. The technical focus is on the research and development of electric machines and drives across all applications.

Q: Can I get an attendee list?
A: IEMDC does not provide attendee lists with contact information, however, we are happy to provide a list of attending positions and companies as available. Registrations typically don’t pick up until ~30 days before the conference. So a good feel for attendance won’t be available until May 1st.

Q: What does my conference pass entitle me to?
A: A conference pass entitles the designated individual full access to the conference even outside of the expo days.

Q: When can I order materials for my tabletop?
A: The exhibitor service kit typically opens for orders 30-days prior to the event.

Q: How many booth staff come with my tabletop?

A: Your booth comes with two complimentary tabletop staff registrations.

Q: How do I register my tabletop staff?

A: Check back soon for more information!

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Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Lab
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