Special Sessions & Special Session Organizers

SS1- Measurement and Self-Commissioning Techniques for AC Motor Drives
Pescetto Paolo, Ludovico Ortombina

SS2- Novel Multi-Torque Component Machines
Shaofeng Jia, Lijian Wu

SS3- NVH mitigation techniques for high power density electric machines
Haiyang Fang, Tianjie Zou

SS4- Learning-based Electric Machine Design & Optimization
Bingnan Wang

SS5- Science for Advancing Research and Education of Electric Machines and Drives
Oliver Wallscheid, Marko Hinkkanen

SS6- Superconducting electrical machines for future net-zero electric transportations
Jun Ma, Tim Coombs

SS7- Additive Manufacturing of Electric Machines
Toomas Vaimann, Ants Kallaste